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On November 24, 2023, the group unveiled the first single of the upcoming new album, taken from this new opus long awaited by their fans. The song is simply called “50 ANS”. The lyrics were penned by drummer Taga Koité, a member of the group from the early days, and it is sung by his son Papino, a new recruit who today shares lead vocals with Alpha Dieng (son of historic deceased singer Ndiouga Dieng!). Composed collectively, the song “50 ANS” perfectly illustrates the group’s ability to reinvent itself through continuity. This first version was recorded mid-september in a single take during an exceptional LIVE session under the dome of the famous KOKO theater in London, a legendary concert hall in the English capital, recently renovated. In an ecstatic atmosphere, the nine Baobab musicians delivered this first new sound, a promising taste of the new album to come. The sublime “50 years” expresses all the talent of the group and what has made its success along the years: a rich and intense rhythmic base, captivating melodic singing, and superb brass arrangements. A successful bet: “50 ANS” is already shaping up to be a great Afro-Cuban classic! “The decades pass but we are still here” seem to say the oldest musicians of the group, like Thierno Koité on saxophone, Moussa Sissokho on congas, Taga Koité on drums or Yahya Fall on rhythm guitar. “Our group is united,” add the youngest. We are united in all our diversity, old or young, yes this group is an institution but we continue on our journey with the same legendary enthusiasm, always joyful, more accomplices than ever! » “50 ANS” pays tribute to the different generations who have made this group’s five magnificent decades of labour and love of music. 2024: The sound of Baobab is indeed intact, a unique blend of Afro-Cuban style, international pop and traditional Griot music. Their creativity is always driven by fabulous melodies, which have made the reputation of Orchestra Baobab!

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Orchestra Baobab | African Music Festival, Emmendingen, DE | 4 AUGUST 2023 | OBA040823

July 25, 2023

Orchestra Baobab - Yarima Blanco & Susana Schnell

Das 23. African Music Festival beginnt am 4. August mit einer großartigen SALSA/LATIN NIGHT! 💃🕺🤩"Schon seit vielen Jahren beobachte ich das @orchestra_baobab und habe versucht diese großartigen Künstler nach Emmendingen zu holen. Dieses Jahr ist es mir gelungen! Ich freue mich sehr darüber!" Raphael Kofi.
Die fantastische Künstlerin @susaschnell wird das 23. African Music Festival eröffnen.
Anschließend können die Festivalbesucher*innen zur Musik von @yarima_blanco tanzen.
Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf alle Festival Besucher*innen. 🤩💃🕺


Orchestra Baobab @ Norh Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam NL

July 19, 2023

Orchestra Baobab is one of Africa's most vibrantly exciting music collectives. For more than five decades, this unique orchestra from Senegal has been creating a groundbreaking fusion of Afro-Latin, pop, folk music and infectiously flowing rhythms. The history of Orchestra Baobab began in Dakar in 1970, where the owners of the new elite nightclub Baobab ensnared members of the leading Star Band to be its in-house variety orchestra. The band then took on the name of the club. Initially the group played Cuban music, but gradually gravitated towards Congolese rumba and Creole melody lines, and local styles found their way into the group’s repertoire as well. Orchestra Baobab celebrated its heyday in the 1970s and performed all over the world. After a lengthy silence, leading label World Circuit motivated the band to return to the studio in 2002. After Covid initially threw a spanner in the works, Orchestra Baobab is now finally able to celebrate its 50th anniversary at NN North Sea Jazz.


Orchestra Baobab albums released by World Circuit
63 Orchestra Baobab Pirates Choice

Pirate's Choice

December 05, 1996

The all times classic album of African music from 1982. Orchestra Baobab are masters of the African/Afro-Cuban fusion that dominated Senegal's music scene in the Seventies. A fluid mixture of mellifluous guitar and delicious vocals, "Pirate's Choice" was recorded in 1982 shortly before they disbanded, and released worldwide for the time by World Circuit in 1989. Repackaged with an extra CD of previously unreleased material, the re-release of this essential record in 2001 prompted a full-scale reunion of the band.

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Orchestra Baobab Specialist In All Styles Square

Specialist In All Styles

September 02, 2002

Revitalised by their spectacular 2001 comeback and a highly successful world tour, Senegal's legendary Orchestra Baobab release their first new recordings together for nearly twenty years. Produced by Youssou N'Dour with World Circuit's Nick Gold, 'Specialist In All Styles' is driven by an infallible groove, standout vocal performances and - in Barthelemy Attisso - one of Africa's best guitarists. Featuring guest contributions from Cuban superstar Ibrahim Ferrer and N'Dour himself, the album is infused with an infectious sense of enjoyment and a wealth of experience summarised best by its title.

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078 Orchestra Baobab Made In Dakar Square

Made In Dakar

October 15, 2007

Five years on from the GRAMMY nominated 'Specialist in All Styles', Orchestra Baobab returned with 'Made in Dakar', an album that celebrates their roots in one of the world's  most explosive musical cities - which updates their classic mellow sound with a new edge and a new energy for new times.  Beautifully recorded in Dakar's Xippi studios, 'Made in Dakar' builds on Baobab's renewed activity on their home turf, where they undertook their first Dakar club residency in nearly 20 years with hugely successful Saturday night sessions at the Just 4 U club. Combining the gritty lo-fi feel of their early recordings with dynamic new arrangements, this is an album that could only have been Made in Dakar.

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March 23, 2017

A decade on from their last album and almost half a century since their formation, Senegal’s Orchestra Baobab return with a timeless set of classic, swaying tunes fusing Afro-Cuban rhythms and African tradition in the group’s trademark style.

Recorded locally in Moussa X’s Dakar studio, the new recordings sound fresh and yet reassuringly familiar, retaining the ripeness of the sound that made Orchestra Baobab a legend but interpreted with a vigour and vibrancy, and with a few twists, that are vital and captivating.

As enduring as the mighty African Baobab tree from which the group derives its name, the veteran core of the band remains as strong and sturdy as ever. Vocalists Balla Sidibe and Rudy Gomis, saxophonists Issa Cissoko and Thierno Koite and the long-serving, rock steady rhythm section of Balla Sidibe, timbales, Charlie Ndiaye bass and Mountaga Koite on congas.